Three Elements of Motivational Speech

Motivating a workforce is one of the most persistent challenges that managers face. Even at the most mission-driven companies, it can be hard to bring people together to put their energy toward a common goal.

According to research conducted by husband and wife team, Jacqueline and Milton Mayfield, there are three key elements that must be balanced in order to achieve this group motivation.

The first, “direction giving,” is an essential tool for any communicator. In the case of a motivational speech, this can take the form of a challenge. Rather than encouraging your team to “increase sales,” one might lay out a task: “Call 20 potential clients.” This challenge is specific and actionable. It’s a lot easier to get aligned and motivated for a task that has already been outlined than for a task that is theoretical.  

“Emotional acknowledgement” is an element of motivational speaking that is familiar to most managers, but can be easy to neglect when deadlines are looming. That being said, this element is as easy to add as saying (and genuinely believing!), “I understand this is not easy, but we are in it together.”

Last and certainly not least is “meaning-making language.” This is often the missing ingredient when managers communicate with their teams. While we can always pull up our company website and read off the mission statement, it is worthwhile for you to articulate to your team the “Why?” of your organization. Think of it as a rejuvenating practice--you have a captive audience, remind them why they actually want to be achieving!

Utilizing these elements in tandem can be difficult. Speaking in terms of big picture “meaning-making” can make it easy to breeze over the more personal “emotional acknowledgment.” Focusing on “direction giving” can minimize the “meaning-making” you want to accomplish. It takes practice and determination to learn how to be a good manager, but with an intentional approach to development, it is possible!

Abilitie at NewCoAtx: Management Challenge Demo

We are excited to share that Abilitie will be one of the presenting host companies at this year’s NewCoAtx Conference. 

NewCoAtx is bringing together companies from a wide variety of industries with the common quality of driving positive change in our communities.

At our session, we are excited to share with you our newest simulation, Management Challenge, in which participants drive organizational change at the “people level”. We hope you will come visit us on June 21 at 4:00pm in the Capital Factory 16th Floor Classroom. 

By attending and taking part in our demo, you will encounter challenging scenarios (a new hire who needs extra coaching, an employee who doesn’t want a promotion, a team that needs just a little more motivation) and must manage your way to a profitable quarter and a better developed workforce. Along the way, our facilitator will coach participants through debriefs to translate the game experience into tangible skills. We’re always working for that “Aha!” moment.  

As a special gift to our local Abilitie community, we’re offering discounted tickets to come join us at our NewCo demo presentation (as well as the many other excellent presenters). Simply use the code ABILITPC when checking out here.

Thank you for your involvement with Abilitie. With every new relationship we build and old relationship we maintain, we believe we are elevating and refining learning opportunities in the workplace. See you next week!

Abilitie Flies

Abilitie staff took a short break from work today to celebrate one of our team members—Taylor Taliaferro is going to medical school!

In honor of Taylor's accomplishment and to celebrate all the great work she's done here at Abilitie, we went to iFLY Indoor Skydiving in North Austin to get our adrenaline pumping before Taylor hits the books. 

We're sad to see Taylor go, but know that she is going to make us proud in medical school and beyond.

One thing is certain: the Abilitie team is going to have to work double-time to bring as much energy and enthusiasm into the day-to-day without Taylor around. Luckily, we think she'll still visit. 

Abilitie is pleased to announce we've won a coveted EFMD Excellence in Practice Gold Award in Executive Development. The EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards (EIP) recognize outstanding case studies describing effective and impactful Leadership and Development interventions between partner organizations. Abilitie partnered with Nokia and Complex Adaptive Leadership to develop this award-winning program. Abilitie CEO, Bjorn Billhardt remarked:

"We at Abilitie are excited to see our work in Executive Development recognized beyond the borders of the United States. This prestigious award is a testament to the talents and hard work of Abilitie's European colleagues led by Nathan Kracklauer. As we expand our global footprint, we are excited to be recognized for our work in Europe."

The EIP Awards were launched in 2007 and are now in their 11th year. Since the launch of the Awards, over 250 cases have been submitted for review. An international judging panel of representatives from EFMD, companies, business schools, and alternative providers reviews the case studies submitted for the EIP Awards.

We are proud to have earned the Gold Award from EFMD and look forward to growing more "Gold Level" partnerships around the globe.

Did you miss our Motivators in the Workplace Webinar? Watch it now!


Did you miss our webinar on motivators in the workplace yesterday? You can watch the full webinar here or, if you're short on time and want to watch the highlights from the webinar you can do so here! A huge thank you to our amazing partner and facilitator, Carol Shuherk for sharing her expertise on how to identify and engage your employees' motivators. After watching the recording, you will be able to:

  • Describe the three intrinsic motivators of autonomy, mastery, and connectedness.
  • Identify practical ways to use these motivators in the workplace to better coach to peak performance.

Webinar: Motivators in the Workplace

What are the innate needs that all humans share - no matter their age, gender, culture, or environment? Join us on May 24th from 12 - 12:45 PM CDT as management expert Dr. Carol Shuherk discusses the three motivators of autonomy, mastery, and connectedness and shares practical ways to use these top motivators in the workplace to better coach to peak performance. This webinar will provide tools and tips on how to create and fine tune an optimal environment for each of your employees with the motivators at the core.

Abilitie Client Takes the Stage at this Year's Learning, Development and Talent Executive Forum

Abilitie is attending this year's Learning, Development and Talent Executive Forum hosted by Richmond Events. This conference provides a unique platform for senior Learning and Development professionals to access new ideas, solutions, and thought-leaders that hopefully, help move their organizations forward. 

Keynote and seminar sessions offer insights to help attendees develop and execute excellent learning strategies. Abilitie client and partner, David Metzger, is leading an interactive workshop on Appian's journey to leadership and management development. For those of you in attendance, we look forward to meeting you there and hope you garner fresh insights, make great connections, and learn some innovative ways to make an impact in your organizations.

Executive Challenge Takes On International Leadership

Abilitie just returned home from Dubai where our team facilitated Executive Challenge to an international new director-level program. A group of 28 high potential employees from over 20 different countries came together to focus on leadership attributes and leadership effectiveness. 

The international program placed each new director into a diverse week-long experience where they were brought together to interact and network with their peers, share experiences and best practices, and put the organization's leadership model to the test through our simulated strategic leadership experience. Together they learned how they can continue to lead the company forward on a global scale. Participants were able to redefine leadership and define a leadership model that aligns with their organization. 

Are you interested in developing your high potential employees to align with your organization's leadership model? Contact us here to learn more.

Photographs taken at Dubai's Burj Khalifa, by our very own, Trey Reynolds!



Thoughts from a CLO

Members of the Abilitie team attended the Chief Learning Officer Breakfast Club in Dallas this morning to hear from industry leaders on the future of learning. Star panelist, John Palmer, CLO at AT&T, shared his thoughts, predictions for the future of Learning and Development, and AT&T University's successes partnering with business units to drive profitability and real, tangible results. 

Some of the major challenges that still plague the learning and leadership development space were hot topics including how we, as an industry, need to embrace data and predictive analytics. Practitioners questioned whether or not virtual reality would be the new frontier for learning and how we create leaders and companies that are resilient in times of rapid change. 

Attending a future CLO Breakfast Club event? Let us know and maybe we'll see you there over a cup of coffee!

Culture and Executive Challenge in Madrid

You've probably heard the phrase or some form of the phrase, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", originated by Peter Drucker and made famous by Mark Fields, President at Ford. But, when was the last time your company thought about how their leaders live those values and drive the culture forward? There is a difference between having values painted on a wall and truly living those values to create a great culture and in turn, powerful business results. 

Executive Challenge made a major impact last week in Madrid during a leadership summit focused on cultural values and change. Just like in our previous post about culture, our Executive Challenge simulation can be designed to highlight opportunities for growth through observation and coaching for leaders. Whether you're bringing leaders together after an M&A, major re-organization, or just need to realign cultural standards and value, a simulation is a powerful tool for change.

Welcome to Abilitie, Enspire's new brand for our industry-leading leadership development programs.