Three Elements of Motivational Speech

Motivating a workforce is one of the most persistent challenges that managers face. Even at the most mission-driven companies, it can be hard to bring people together to put their energy toward a common goal.

According to research conducted by husband and wife team, Jacqueline and Milton Mayfield, there are three key elements that must be balanced in order to achieve this group motivation.

The first, “direction giving,” is an essential tool for any communicator. In the case of a motivational speech, this can take the form of a challenge. Rather than encouraging your team to “increase sales,” one might lay out a task: “Call 20 potential clients.” This challenge is specific and actionable. It’s a lot easier to get aligned and motivated for a task that has already been outlined than for a task that is theoretical.  

“Emotional acknowledgement” is an element of motivational speaking that is familiar to most managers, but can be easy to neglect when deadlines are looming. That being said, this element is as easy to add as saying (and genuinely believing!), “I understand this is not easy, but we are in it together.”

Last and certainly not least is “meaning-making language.” This is often the missing ingredient when managers communicate with their teams. While we can always pull up our company website and read off the mission statement, it is worthwhile for you to articulate to your team the “Why?” of your organization. Think of it as a rejuvenating practice--you have a captive audience, remind them why they actually want to be achieving!

Utilizing these elements in tandem can be difficult. Speaking in terms of big picture “meaning-making” can make it easy to breeze over the more personal “emotional acknowledgment.” Focusing on “direction giving” can minimize the “meaning-making” you want to accomplish. It takes practice and determination to learn how to be a good manager, but with an intentional approach to development, it is possible!

Abilitie is pleased to announce we've won a coveted EFMD Excellence in Practice Gold Award in Executive Development. The EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards (EIP) recognize outstanding case studies describing effective and impactful Leadership and Development interventions between partner organizations. Abilitie partnered with Nokia and Complex Adaptive Leadership to develop this award-winning program. Abilitie CEO, Bjorn Billhardt remarked:

"We at Abilitie are excited to see our work in Executive Development recognized beyond the borders of the United States. This prestigious award is a testament to the talents and hard work of Abilitie's European colleagues led by Nathan Kracklauer. As we expand our global footprint, we are excited to be recognized for our work in Europe."

The EIP Awards were launched in 2007 and are now in their 11th year. Since the launch of the Awards, over 250 cases have been submitted for review. An international judging panel of representatives from EFMD, companies, business schools, and alternative providers reviews the case studies submitted for the EIP Awards.

We are proud to have earned the Gold Award from EFMD and look forward to growing more "Gold Level" partnerships around the globe.

Another Exciting Win for Abilitie With Brandon Hall

Abilitie is pleased to announce we've won a coveted silver Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award for Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology for the
Managing at Liberty Mutual program. These wins were announced on December 15, 2016. Interested in finding out who else won? You can see all of the winners here.

“We congratulate our Technology Award winners, and also thank them for leading the way in designing and utilizing technologies that empower organizations to enhance – and in some cases transform – their organizations,” said Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group and head of the awards program. “Our research shows that Human Capital Management technology is a primary driver of innovation, and our award-winning organizations serve as models of success.”

Abilitie Gives Back

Abilitie Volunteers

Last Friday members of the Abilitie team ditched their computers to spend the day outside volunteering with the Entrepreneur's Foundation of Central Texas. They spent the day cleaning up Austin's beloved Zilker Park Rock Garden and were joined by other volunteers from various companies and organizations around town. This is just one way the Abilitie team believes it can be a positive force in the community and do our part to keep Austin beautiful. 

Welcome to Abilitie

Welcome to Abilitie! As of today, Enspire’s leadership simulations are available using our new name. This year, our leadership simulations have taught and inspired thousands of participants in over 20 countries, and we are excited to build on that momentum by creating a new brand with a clear focus on corporate talent development.

Abilitie offers transformative leadership development experiences, including L&D programs focused on people management, business acumen, and cross-functional leadership. In 2016, we also plan to launch an exciting new product in the recruiting space.

To find out more about Abilitie’s innovative leadership development programs, we welcome you to join us for a 30-minute webinar on one of the dates below:

December 18th at 12 PM CST

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Welcome to Abilitie, Enspire's new brand for our industry-leading leadership development programs.