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Are College Degrees Obsolete?

Are College Degrees Obsolete?

College graduates are currently entering the workforce with more than just their degrees; they are graduating with more student debt than any other generation. Because of the level of debt they are faced with post-grad, many young professionals are questioning the necessity of their degree on their chosen career path. Luckily, this is not a conversation that is only had over drinks between members of younger generations. Many employers are starting to question whether having a college degree is an accurate indicator of an individual’s success within their organizations.

Abilitie Takes Home the Silver!

Abilitie team members Bjorn Billhardt and Alex Whiteleather attended the Chief Learning Officer Learning In Practice Awards Ceremony last night and took home the Silver in Excellence in Technology Innovation Award. Thank you to our partners at Peak Seven Consulting for helping us build an amazing and transformational program at Cochlear

The Chief Learning Officer Learning In Practice awards recognizes learning leaders who demonstrate excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs through a combination of qualities such as leadership, vision, business acumen and strategic alignment.

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