White Paper: Playing Games with Leadership

White Paper: Playing Games with Leadership

Surveying today’s business environment reveals several key facts:

• Distributed leadership is lifeblood. Great companies are driven by great leadership, not just in the boardroom, but also at the front lines of the organization.

• Demographic chasm presents great risks. Businesses are facing a demographic time bomb—the retirement of baby boomers—that is beginning to affect the ranks of senior management at global corporations. New generations of leaders must be cultivated to replace retiring baby boomers.

• Traditional training has many shortcomings. Many leadership development efforts fail. While there are many reasons for this, the format of the training that participants receive is often key. A recent study revealed that management learning programs that use simulations provide significantly improved leadership competencies compared to those that use traditional learning methods.

This white paper will speak to how organizations can better use advances in simulation technology as part of their leadership development efforts.

Let Your Managers Fail

Leadership development continues to be a crucial priority for organizations as demographic trends constrain the available talent pool. Although the nature of leadership remains a fruitful area of academic research, the challenge talent development teams face is not simply “What should our organization’s leadership competencies be,” but “How do we develop those competencies?” When it comes to leadership content, talent managers may choose from a wealth of options. But when it comes to learning methods, even with the advent of new learning technologies, satisfying solutions are rare. 


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