High-Potential Leadership Development

Medtronic offers its Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) to rising stars within the company. The program is designed to help managers understand Medtronic’s core businesses and key business processes, create and foster strong cross-business and cross-geography networks, and work as a team to make decisions. To enhance program goals, Medtronic needed an experiential learning solution that would allow participants to collaborate and solve problems under pressure. Participants in the program come from diverse functional areas and geographic regions.            

Medtronic uses Executive Challenge to meet the ELP objectives. Over the course of two days, teams work together to invest in and launch product lines to build a profitable and sustainable company. Through Executive Challenge, participants identify individual leadership and management styles, balance personal and organizational objectives, build effective teams, solve complex business problems collaboratively, define a clear strategic vision, and implement the vision in the face of adverse events.

Between periods of simulation play, facilitators lead debriefs to reinforce learning objectives. Abilitie worked with Medtronic to create debriefs targeted toward effective team leadership.

The Results

In post-program evaluations, nearly all participants responded “agree” or “strongly agree” that they received significant value from Executive Challenge and that the experience increased their ability to work more effectively as part of an organization and team.

  • It was great to think about the big picture. I feel so cut off from many parts of the organization in my day-to-day job that this will help me continue to see and think about higher level decisions.

    Program participant
  • Effective communication between departments is essential for success.

    Program participant
  • Teamwork first, then results follow.

    Program participant
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