High-Potential Leadership Development

Pep Boys, a full-service tire automotive aftermarket chain, recognized that high performing and high potential managers needed enhanced leadership skills to be better prepared for multi-unit management accountability. Building on the managerial practices taught in the Management Development Program, Pep Boys designed their Leadership Development Program, which helps participants master the skills and behaviors required for exemplary performance at a higher, multi-unit level within the Pep Boys organization.

Pep Boys partnered with Abilitie to incorporate Abilitie’s simulation, Management Challenge. The simulation served as a capstone to this six-month program and allowed managers to apply their coaching and communication skills and reinforce concepts that were taught during previous sessions.                

Throughout the day, managers encountered workplace scenarios that tested their ability to solve issues managers frequently experience. Workplace scenarios took the form of video-based conversations and role-play exercises. Video-based conversations put the manager in the hot seat to hold a free-flowing conversation with the virtual employees regarding issues he or she is facing. Role-play exercises required managers to work with their peers to engage in conversation, discuss the interaction, and reflect on how the exercise mirrors their own experience as a manager.

The Results

In January 2015, 100% of participants “Agreed” or “Strongly Agreed” that the experience was a valuable use of their time and that they learned concepts that directly applied to their jobs.

  • It was a very educational program that helped me become a better leader.

    Program participant
  • Very interactive. Kept me motivated the entire day and reinforced my need to coach more and micromanage less.

    Program participant
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