Empower your rising leaders and executives to turn business strategy into results

Executive Challenge is a laboratory for leaders, helping them understand organizational dynamics and their own opportunities for growth. In this simulation, leaders run an entire business: from forming strategy to making critical personnel decisions, setting operational capacities, and designing effective sales campaigns. Executive Challenge encourages self-awareness and tests cross-functional collaboration, operational excellence, and strategic thinking. 


High-potential managers, directors, and executives


Facilitated one- to two-day classroom experience


  • Solve cross-functional business challenges

  • Make decisions under pressure in an environment of high ambiguity

  • Practice collaborating and communicating effectively across departmental silos

  • Recognize personal leadership blind spots

Why Executive Challenge?

Executive Challenge provides a space for rising leaders and executives to explore, practice, and gain meaningful insights into their business and personal leadership strengths and weaknesses. The simulated business environment meets leaders where they are – whether they are a high-potential manager or a senior-level leader – and helps them gain insights from their experience to guide their development. Want to learn more? Schedule a 15-minute conversation.

How Does it Work?

  • Teams of participants form companies and compete for customers in a dynamic marketplace.
  • Each participant assumes a leadership role on their team with limited resources, including people, money, and time.
  • Roles within the company can change, allowing participants to experience the business from different perspectives.
  • Virtual employees assigned to each participant may quit or be hired away by competitors if the employee's morale is low, leading to unexpected challenges in meeting deadlines.
  • Unexpected events, such as marketing campaigns that go awry, product recalls, and intellectual property violations, create high-pressure situations that pose ethical and communication issues.
  • The experience has a flexible design and can be used over one to three days in a classroom environment.
  • The simulation seamlessly integrates with broader leadership development initiatives.
  • The simulation is delivered by certified facilitators with extensive leadership and training experience; facilitator certification for client-internal trainers is available.

Who Can Benefit?

Executive Challenge can successfully integrate into your leadership development programs, whether your people are high-potential employees or senior-level executives. The simulation gives them the opportunity to flex their leadership muscles in real-world scenarios.

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