Empower your managers to engage their employees

Management Challenge is a one-day leadership development experience in which your managers practice developing their employees. Your people put their managerial skills into action during this team-based simulation as they engage virtual employees in critical conversations and coaching.


New and aspiring managers


Facilitated one-day classroom or live online development experience


  • Communicate and lead in a managerial role

  • Identify employee motivators and skill-sets

  • Navigate critical employee conversations
  • Practice giving effective feedback and coaching

Why Management Challenge?

The demands on people managers are growing, and new managers are experiencing a higher rate of failure. Management Challenge provides a space for new managers to explore, practice, and obtain meaningful feedback before they make a critical mistake with one of their direct reports. The experience easily integrates into your organization's management philosophy and frameworks. Want to learn more? Schedule a 15-minute conversation.

How Does it Work?

  • Participants are placed in a dynamic, competitive business simulation.
  • Participants work and compete in small teams, managing the motivations and performance of a virtual team.
  • Realistic, video-based workplace scenarios allow managers to practice having critical development and coaching conversations.
  • Facilitator-led debriefs, discussions, and exercises allow managers to reflect, gain insight from feedback, and share their own experiences.
  • The program seamlessly integrates with larger management development programs and can be custom-tailored to support any management philosophy.
  • Certified Facilitators with extensive management and training experience debrief the experience and provide coaching insights.
  • Facilitator certification for client-internal trainers is available.

Who Can Benefit? 

Management Challenge easily supports your management goals, whether your people are new managers, new hires, or aspiring managers. The simulation gives them the opportunity to practice and put their skills to the test in video-based employee conversations.


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